Interview with Ying Tze – Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event 2016

The MAGIC RAIN team had the opportunity to interview the well-known Malaysian cosplayer, Ying Tze during the Pokémon Sun & Moon Launch Event 2016 on 19th November 2016. She has amassed over 115,000 fans on Facebook and has been invited as a guest to many conventions around the world.

Q: What made you decide to join the Pokémon Sun & Moon Official  Launch Event as a guest cosplayer?

Y: First of all, I’m a big fan of Pokémon. It’s one of the first games that I played as a child. My mother bought me a Gameboy Color but after that, I couldn’t keep up with the consoles as it kept changing very fast. I only played until Pokémon Jade. I think that’s a fan-made game but I thought it was official when I was a kid. Now only I know that it’s not an official game (laughs). Every time I tell someone else, they’ll tell me ‘Huh? Pokémon Jade?’ and I’d just say that ‘I saw it in a game shop…’. I only started playing again when I bought my Nintendo 3DS XL and Pokémon X this year. I think this event is very interesting as they never had a Pokémon-only event before and I find it nice that it’s a place where Pokémon fans can gather and battle with their 3DS, and do other things.


Q: In general, what’s your favourite Pokémon?

Y: Pikachu lor! Since it’s the most iconic one.


Q: Then, how about in Pokémon Sun & Moon?

Y: Rowlet, but actually I’m not a fan of grass-type Pokémon. Usually, I won’t choose grass Pokémon as the starter because they have a lot of weaknesses. I’d rather choose fire or water but this time, I’ll try Rowlet. But I think it’ll be a bit tough since it’s grass and flying (laughs).


Q: What’s your first impression of the Pokémon Sun & Moon game?

Y: Actually for me, I don’t really catch up with the news. Only when the games come out, then only I play (laughs). But my friends have been sharing articles about the game and there are certain Pokémon that only appear in each version so you need to get both versions to collect everything. I think there’s a cockroach-like Pokémon in Pokémon Moon which is very thin and long, and looks like an elegant cockroach (laughs).


Q: What made you buy your Nintendo 3DS XL?

Y: Hmm, because I have a PS4 and a PC but my PC’s specs aren’t good enough for PS4 games and I can only play Overwatch, League of Legends, and Left 4 Dead on it. I play Resident Evil, Call of Duty, etc on my PS4. As I always travel for events, I always feel bored while waiting for the plane, in the taxi, waiting in general la. I don’t have data roaming on my phone so I can’t play games on it. So I bought a Nintendo 3DS and problem solved.


Q: You really play a lot of games. What kind of games do you play on your 3DS?

Y: I have Yoshi Island, Fire Emblem Conquest, and Pokémon X.


Q: You didn’t play Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Y: Not yet! Soon, after I finish Pokemon X (laughs).


Q: Then you’ll have to play Pokemon Moon (laughs).

Y: Yeah, too many things to play right now. I cry.




Q: Since you’re so busy with events and making costumes, when do you find the time to play your 3DS?

Y: When I’m waiting for my laundry. I stay in a studio unit so I don’t have a washing machine. I go to a coin-operated launderette and sit there while waiting for my laundry. Other than that, before boarding the plane, while in the plane and usually at home before I sleep. One thing I like about the 3DS is that you can play on the bed, not like the PS4 where you have to sit and look at the screen, and once you feel sleepy, you can just turn it off and go to sleep.


Q: What’s your next cosplan?

Y: Fate/Grand Order. Actually, I’m looking forward to Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. The Japanese version has already been released for the PS4 but sadly I can’t read Japanese. I want to make more costumes for Fate/Extella.


Q: How long do you take to make your costume?

Y: Normally, I only get my inspiration when the event approaches. The pressure will be there and my inspiration will come and everything will fall into place. So, I take around one week or so. I actually have my Pikachu gijinka costume but I decided not to wear it today.


Q: Oh yeah, why didn’t you wear it today?

Y: Because… it’s yellow ma (laughs).


Q: Do you have any upcoming photobook or merchandises?

Y: It’ll be released in AFASG. It’s a 24-paged A4 photobook consisting of Tamamo and Saber Nero, both casual version.


Q: Earlier you mentioned that you like Pokémon Moon better, why?

Y: Because moon is darkness. Darkness. I like darkness, I like to be in darkness, my house is very dark too. (laughs)

With that final question, we all laughed and had a photo-taking session together. It was great meeting and chatting with the kind and laid back Ying Tze. We’d like to thank her once again for letting us interview her!


Check out Ying Tze’s works and cosplays on her Facebook page here!

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