‘Magical Delicacy’ Is A Metroidvania-Lite Meets Cooking Game

The highly anticipated Metroidvania-lite pixel art platformer meets wholesome cooking game Magical Delicacy is coming to PC and Xbox — available day one with Xbox Game Pass — this Q3 2024!

Play as the young witch Flora who travels to a distant town to fulfill her dream of becoming a proper witch. She opens up shop in Grat, a harbor town built upon cliffs, where adventurers settled to chart an unexplored island full of mystery.

As she engages in the town’s thriving economy, she stumbles upon two members of opposing covens. The witch Cassia and the magus Tauno have a lot to teach Flora, but they also know how to use her in their dispute about magical beings.

In the game, cook meals and potions in your customised kitchen, then sell or deliver your creations to friends and customers. Navigate the town in casual platforming to meet the townsfolk, take up their orders, and learn about this world of magic.

This beautiful harbour town is a densely packed space with people to meet, history to discover, and many opportunities to improve your business. Become familiar with merchants to buy your ingredients from, or gather them directly within the nooks and crannies of the town.

Meet mysterious travelers, shop owners, forgotten legends, and masters of their crafts, some of which might only appear at day or night. Unravel long forgotten secrets of the island and its mystical creatures.

Navigate the town during your deliveries, climb bell towers and old ramparts, or delve through lost caves. Grow as a witch and acquire upgrades to your movement abilities to discover new routes and hard-to-reach places or open shortcuts that lead back to your store. Inspired by the Metroidvania genre and condensed into a cozy cooking game.

Use dozens of ingredients to create magical dishes. Different attributes require you to think about your ingredient selection to meet customers‘ requests. Process ingredients into new variants. Closely follow recipes or invent your own creations; be it local cuisine or Flora’s hometown recipes, everything to satisfy the tastebuds of different folks, from the croaking Gaball to the feline Tilin.

Start with basic equipment and acquire new kitchen tools, then unlock more rooms to arrange and customize your tools to your liking and maximize efficiency when cooking. Put your unused creations up for sale, sort your ingredients into storage, and grow some plants in the backyard.

If that already sounds like your cup of potion, Magical Delicacy comes out Q3 2024 on Steam. Don’t forget to top up your Steam Wallet on Codashop to collect points.

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