Award-Winning Interactive Story ‘Looped’ Is Out Now On Steam

Studio Hamlin has released their newest game, Looped, a short interactive story about a love-at-first-sight so powerful it creates a wormhole in time; told through unique hand-drawn animation.

Looped is a beautiful short story about falling in love against the odds – even if that means space and time. One day, a black hole appears in a young woman’s living room. An unconscious man falls out. He opens his eyes and it’s love at first sight. Or is this the first sight? As the player, you’ll experience the whirlwind romance of Him and Her, get through their daily lives and eventually help them find a way out of the loop.

This interactive fiction is based on a short film of the same name which has won two awards: Best International Sci-Fi 2023 at the Penitente FIlm Festival in Colombia, and Best Animated Short at FerFilm Festival in Kosovo.

“The inspiration for the original story comes from when I met my wife a couple of years ago,” says Thomas Costa Freté, creator of Looped. “Of course there weren’t any rockets and time loops involved. But the experience of falling in love and feeling like everything is possible, I wanted to put that into a story,”

To Costa Freté, turning the film into interactive fiction is a natural next step as it gives the story the chance to break the loop. He hopes that the game will awaken memories of love in the player, or to inspire them to find the love of their life.

Looped is available now on Steam,, and iOS — and don’t forget to top up your Steam Wallet on Codashop to earn points and rewards.

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