Your Guide To Every Overwatch 2 In-Game Currency: Credits, Coins, Mythic Prisms, & Competitive Points

Overwatch 2 has a lot of in-game currencies now — and we mean, a lot. Just when you think three is enough, the Season 10 update adds a brand new currency for its Mythic Skins, new ways to earn certain currencies, and don’t even get me started on Competitive Points.

That’s why we compiled a quick and easy guide on how to earn, where to spend, and how to min-max every currency in Overwatch 2 right now.

Overwatch Credits

Overwatch Credits are the quintessential free-to-play currency. They can be earned through the Battle Pass for free, or by completing specific Weekly Challenges. This is also one of the currencies you cannot purchase using real money.

Surprisingly, Overwatch Credits are the most versatile currency, allowing you to buy most of the cosmetics in the game — with the exception of some rare Legendary Skins. However, make sure you don’t mix up Overwatch Credits (Silver/White) with the more valuable Overwatch Coins (Gold) when you make your purchase!

Overwatch Coins

Overwatch Coins are used to unlock the Premium Battle Pass and when buying items in the Shop. Any items that can be purchased using Overwatch Credits, can also be purchased using Overwatch Coins.

Starting from Season 10, the game has made Overwatch Coins way more accessible for free-to-play users. Now, you can earn 600 Overwatch Coins for free by completing the Battle Pass to Tier 79. That means, you can earn enough Overwatch Coins to unlock the Premium Battle Pass (1,000 Overwatch Coins) within two seasons!

Overwatch League Tokens

Overwatch League Tokens are a currency you can only use in the Overwatch League Shop. Created as a way to support the Overwatch e-Sports scene, you can don your favourite team’s colours by purchasing a skin from this Shop.

You can earn Overwatch League Tokens for free by watching live Overwatch League matches on eligible platforms. You also need to link your Twitch or Youtube account to to redeem your rewards, and console users need to link their Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo accounts to too.

You could also top up your Tokens using real money, although take note that they can’t be converted to other currencies upon purchase.

Mythic Prisms

The newest addition to the Overwatch currency line-up (sigh), Mythic Prisms are used in the Mythic Shop to unlock new and previous Mythic Skins. Mythic Prisms can be earned in the Premium Battle Pass, or purchased using real money.

80 Mythic Prisms are required to fully unlock a Mythic Skin, with the first level costing 50MP and subsequent levels costing 10MP each. You can also partially unlock skins if you’re not looking to own the complete list of customisations.

On the bright side, this new change means that Mythic Skins are no longer limited to specific seasons, but there is also a two season cooldown period. That means if you miss the Mythic Mercy skin this season, you’ll need to wait two seasons for it to become available in the Mythic Shop again.

Competitive Points

Competitive Points are earned from playing matches in the Competitive Game Mode. The red Competitive Points represent points that were earned during this year’s competitive season, and can be used to purchase either Gold or Jade weapon variants.

The white Competitive Points are Legacy Competitive Points that were earned prior to Overwatch 2 Season 9. Any unspent red Competitive Points will be automatically converted to Legacy Competitive Points at the end of this year’s competitive season.

… and then there’s Real Money

Even after going through all these currencies, Overwatch 2 still offers bundles that can only be purchased using real money. The Ultimate Battle Pass costs RM190 and comes with the Premium Battle Pass, 20 Tier Skips, 2000 Overwatch Coins, and two Legendary Skins.

If you just want the Legendary Skins and don’t want to fork out real money, you can purchase them separately in the Heroes page using Overwatch Coins.

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