Our Top Anime Series for Fall 2023 (Part 1)

Fall 2023 is an amazing season not just because of the Christmas celebrations, but also because this season is jam-packed with anime gems of both existing series and new entrants. In addition to big hitters such as The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 and Spy x Family Season 2, we also have several rising stars including Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Undead Unluck.

Given the sheer amount of anime that was released in this season, it is extremely difficult to watch all the shows that are currently airing. However, worry not as this two-part article series will save you the trouble and recommend shows that you simply cannot miss this season. 

This ranking list will be a mix of both ongoing and new series. However, we will exclude anime that started airing from previous seasons (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2)  or OVAs and ONAs (such as Pluto).

Let’s dive right in!

As there are so many good shows this season, it is extremely difficult to only include 10 new shows. Therefore, for this first article we’ll be including 5 other recommendations that we think you might enjoy.

Honourable Mentions:

Migi & Dali

Migi and Dali are two identical twin orphans masquerading as one person called Hitori, and are adopted by the Sonoyama family. However, the two twins have ulterior motives beyond getting adopted – they are looking for their mother’s murderer and clues of their past.

Migi and Dali can be described in two words – intriguingly weird. Everything about this anime, from its art to its setting, is refreshingly unconventional and bizarre. While this show starts off weird, it gradually becomes more suspenseful and darker. You will definitely be fascinated by this show before you know it.


Kouya, a traumatised photographer, attends an F4 race and meets high school racer Haruka. Fascinated by the world of racing and F4, Kouya not only gets to know Haruka and his team – Komaki Motors, but also resolves his past traumas in the process.

It’s crisp animation aside, Overtake is a show filled with heart and emotion. Haruka’s journey to be the champion takes the backseat in this show, as this anime lets the character’s personal development and interactions shine. This show will definitely make you feel warm at heart.

Under Ninja

Kunou, a modern-day ninja, is ordered to infiltrate a high school. However, he soon discovers that his assignment is much more complex and difficult than he originally thought, and that whatever he finds might have catastrophic effects on both ninjas and civilians alike.

Similar to Migi & Dali,  Under Ninja is another bizarre and unconventional anime. However, Under Ninja has a much darker and twisted tone, and is noticeably more violent. You might want to skip this show if you are after something warm and fuzzy, but otherwise it is definitely worth a watch just for its unique dialogue and action alone.

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions

Taking advice from his senior, rookie detective Totomaru Isshiki decides to seek Ron Kamonohashi, an eccentric recluse, for help on a case. As the two of them start working together, Isshiki finds himself busy not just with more unsolved cases, but also accommodating Ron’s eccentric habits and aid Ron in uncovering the culprit behind a murder he does not remember committing.

This anime deserves praise for its superb animation and execution, and the character interactions are amusing and bounce off each other well. While the storyline can be somewhat predictable and repetitive, this show is still one of the more enjoyable ones this season and serves its purpose well as a light detective flick.

16bit Sensation: Another Layer

Bishoujo game lover and game illustrator Konoha time-travels back to 1992 after encountering a mysterious game shop owner. While she decides to seize her chance in the past and create the ultimate bishoujo game, she is unaware that her actions will cause unintended ripples in the future.

An undiscovered gem, this show is the epitome of fun and charming. Konoha’s quirky personality makes her instantly likable, as well as the other side characters who are interesting in their own right. In addition, the time travel plot in the later episodes are also fascinating and gives a fun twist to this story.

Enjoyed this article? Keep a look out for Part 2, where we’ll be sharing our top 10 must-watch anime series of the season!

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