Philippine GameDev Expo 2023: Spotlight On Indie Game Stars!

A long weekend of games, conferences, and exciting activities await at Philippine GameDev Expo 2023 happening this 18 to 20 August 2023 at SMX Convention Center in Manila. One of the main attractions is the Indie Game Stars area, spotlighting local independent game studios and their creations!

As a sneak peek, here are some of the indie games we’re most excited to check out this weekend. For more news on PGDX and its attractions, check out our coverage here.

1. San Fernando by Makiling InterArts

San Fernando is a choice-driven narrative game. Step into the shoes of an anthropologist studying and documenting the culture of this titular town from the Philippines before it completely disappears. Learn more than you set out to learn, form deep relationships with the townsfolk, and come across revelations that derail your scholarly pursuits. How much of this town’s secrets will you discover?

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2. Sinag by Ranida Games

Dive into the captivating world of SINAG, a mobile 1v1 fighting game that combines the allure of Philippine mythology with deep and engaging gameplay mechanics. As you step into the arena, you’ll discover a game that is both easy to start and play, yet challenging to master. Experience the essence of Filipino culture as it intertwines with captivating supernatural encounters and explores the depths of myth and legend.

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3. Kata by Katakata Creative

Kata is a story-driven adventure platformer centered around Filipino culture and arts, featuring heartwarming characters, breathtaking environments, and traditional music in a cozy journey of determination and companionship!

Visit their official website here

4. Galà by kendikorp

Inspired by FIlipino culture, Galà features a magical jeepney that takes you and a group of students (NPCs) on field trips showcasing historical Pinoy treasures and landmarks. Tara roadtrip!

Visit their official website here

5. High Times – Donuts, Drugs, Exes by Yangyang Mobile

In a world where you can get high with no consequences, the hardest drug to get over are your exes. In this (anti) dating sim, you’ll manage a café, serve special donuts that get customers high, and live out the ultimate fantasy — getting closure with your exes!

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6. Lovebirb by Anonymous Penguin Studio

Lovebirb is a rhythm-based dating game about finding love one date at a time. Swipe right, chat on Bumbird, and impress your dates by playing all the right words to the rhythm of the music.

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7. Jeepney Simulator by Spacezero Interactive

Drive through the busy streets of Dabbo City on iconic Filipino jeepneys. Pick up passengers, return their change, and drop them off at their destination. Use your hard-earned income to feed your family, buy furniture, and pay your rent. Or spend it on upgrades and customization options for your jeeps.

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8. Talents by Izumi Games

Play as Alice Rodriguez, a struggling young adult who’s living a double life as an office worker by day, and a renowned web novelist at night. Despite that, there is something she ultimately wants to do: to write and design a story-based video game. She reunites with her childhood friend, Kris, and was offered a partnership in his startup game company. With the opportunity offered, will she have the courage to risk despite the challenges?

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9. Azure Chronicles by Corawr Studios

Azure Chronicles is a narrative-driven action RPG advocacy game where the learner-player is put into the shoes of the protagonist, a protector who was summoned by the mystical inhabitants of the Pearlescent Reefs. To restore balance in the reefs and aid in their recovery, the learner-player must explore different coral sectors, deal with immediate threats, monitor the progress of their environment, and find a solution for the long-term problem that looms over their community.

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10. Potion Punch Rivals by Monstronauts

Embrace the thrilling world of competitive brewing and concoct potions like never before! Play as your favorite Potion Punch characters and go head-to-head with fellow players, vying to earn the most coins in an epic showdown of alchemy and shopkeeping.

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11. Stressed Out by Senshi.Labs

Be a college student in the Philippines during the pandemic. Full of stressful and whacky scenarios, enjoy (or rage) as you go through your days as a full-time student stuck at home!

Play the game on their website here

12. Folktales: The Story of Pineapple by Senshi.Labs

Play as a young girl named Pina, who lives with her mother. One day, Pina’s mother falls sick. Because Pina grew up spoiled and lazy, an enchantress threatens to turn her into a fruit if she doesn’t learn how to do her share around the house. Help Pina accomplish her chores in order to stop her from turning into a pineapple.

Play the game on their website here

For the full list of indie games at Philippine GameDev Expo, check out their Facebook or visit their website here.

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