Our Top 3 Anime Picks to Make You Sweat!

“Do you even lift bro?” is a question buff and burly gym bros will ask you to assert dominance over you. Jokes on them though — because you won’t be intimidated by them no more once you finally hit the gym, or finally start playing sports and get those gains, right?

Well, it’s easier said than done, because motivating yourself to go into the gym filled with gym rats going through their protein powder-induced workouts, or those long-time sports players who just show off their years of skill can be a total turn off — but we have a solution for you!

We want to share some anime titles that can inspire you to work out and learn that sport you’ve always wanted to try with your waifus, and get swole so you can defend them from anyone who gets in the way of your love. So get your gym clothes on, grab your protein shakes, and let’s warm up with some of these workout anime titles!

1. How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

Also known as “ダンベル何キロ持てる?” or “Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?”, this manga turned anime series follows Hibiki Sakura, a high schooler who struggles with their weight from her very concerning and unhealthy eating habits. She attempted solo workouts but could never stick to a proper routine, which resulted in her joining the newly opened Silverman Gym for added help. 

Meeting a few odd characters at the gym was enough to send her running away, but a surprise encounter with her potential Prince Charming made Hibiki determined to commit to her new lifestyle. Will she be able to cope with her new love interest? Join Hibiki on her journey towards those gains and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your gym soulmate too!

2. SK8: The Infinity

If you’re interested in possibly shredding on the skateboard or grinding on some bars, consider watching SK8: The Infinity! The anime follows protagonist Reki Kyan as he tries to rise his ranks within an illegal underground skating race that involves highly dangerous obstacles. One of these challenges left Reki injured with a broken arm and skateboard.

A chance encounter with Lance, a new classmate, brings him into a world of trouble when the two are forced into a bet that requires Lance to skate despite having no prior experience whatsoever. Fortunately, Lance holds an unexpected trump card that may turn these odds to their favor. Will they actually be able to win this bet and how exactly? Follow Reki and Lance on their potentially deadly skateboarding challenges but if you do attempt the challenges, please start off easy AND DON’T ATTEMPT DANGEROUS STUNTS AT HOME!

3. FREE! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Thinking of going beyond just dipping your toes in the pool and improving your swimming skills? Well, you can dive into the glistening pool along with the members of the Iwatobi High School Swim Club! Previously joining forces and winning a relay race in elementary school, Nagisa, Makoto, and Haruka reunite to form the swim club except the former fourth member, Rin has different plans.

Determined to take Haruka down and prove himself as the better swimmer, Rin challenges his childhood friends at an upcoming swimming tournament. Will the friends reunite once more or will this rivalry crush their spirits? Put on your bathing suits and follow this story of blossoming friendships through intense swim training!

Are any of these making you sweat from excitement? Let us know your thoughts on these picks or you can recommend other titles for us to watch!

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