Cosplay & Creativity Take Center Stage at Jom Otaku Matsuri 2023

From the 20th to the 21st of May, Da Men Mall was transformed into a bustling hub of otaku culture as it played host to Jom Otaku Matsuri. The event marked the grand return of JOM after a long hiatus caused by the global pandemic, and featured a captivating lineup of competitions, performances, giveaways, and more. 

If you missed out, don’t worry ‘cause we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the juicy details!


Cosplay took center stage at Jom Otaku Matsuri, with various cosplay competitions being held throughout both days of the event. Day 1 featured the Hijab Cosplay Competition, where participants showcased a variety of costumes in front of a judging panel of notable hijab cosplayers, namely Capries Ryn, Saakira Izumi, and Team Oxcura Onyx’s Aida Darkart and Sasela.

On Day 2, the crowd was treated to some adorable antics from the pint-sized participants of the Kids’ Cosplay Competition, before being blown away by the talent and skill on display in the 60-Second Solo Skit Cosplay Competition. Both contests were judged by seasoned cosplayers Ryuukie and Ajey from Team SiD, as well as JY from Team Chevalier.

Though the competition was fierce, a talented few managed to rise to the top to take first place in their respective categories. Among them were Aira Yuki, the champion of the Hijab Cosplay Competition; Alif, the champion of the Kids’ Cosplay Competition, and Shadow Arts Cos, the champion of the 60-Second Solo Skit Cosplay Competition.

Aside from cosplay, the event also featured a dance competition, where teams of contestants could wow the crowd with their moves. Team Subarashii from the dance group Project Coser was on site to judge the competition, even kicking off the activity with an electrifying performance of their own.

At the end of the day, Team Potato was crowned as the winner of the dance competition. This team proved to not only be a hit with the judges but the crowd as well, as they graciously agreed to the audience’s overwhelming demand for an encore.

Stage Attractions

In between competitions, visitors to JOM could enjoy a variety of different stage attractions. Performers such as Felli, Saraphy and DJ Zackerz kept the crowd entertained with their renditions of popular anime songs, while Jenyaa, Dreamin’ and Bellatrix took to the stage to perform a variety of dance routines. 

Cosplay enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about the hobby could also pick up a few tips from the various cosplay panels held on both days of the event, such as the Hijab Cosplay Workshop conducted by Capries Ryn, who demonstrated her method of styling an Anya cosplay while also answering questions from the crowd.

Other cosplay guests had the opportunity to share their experiences as professional cosplayers with their fans. Team SiD’s Ryuukie and Ajey gave their advice on performing in cosplay competitions, while DouFuHua, Yushiro Cos, Jennshi and Nono Britannia spoke about their personal cosplay journeys, including how they integrated the GANK social media app into their process.

To add to the festivities, the event emcees Dee Joke and Darren Lee also ran a series of giveaways throughout the event, where attendees had the chance to win prizes by answering some simple questions. Of particular note was the Fujii Kaze CD giveaway, which offered 10 lucky winners a chance to win an album from the famed Japanese singer just by scanning QR codes hidden around the event venue.

On-Ground Attractions

With hundreds of booths spread across three different levels of Da Men Mall, the art, cosplay and handicraft market at Jom Otaku Matsuri proved to be a treasure trove full of hidden gems. Local artists and creators offered a diverse range of fan art, handmade crafts, and unique merchandise for visitors to take home.

Those looking for more of a challenge could head for the third floor of the event, where they could take on a wide range of tabletop activities, from card game tournaments organised by Ministry of Hobbies, to unique anime-inspired D&D sessions hosted by the D&D Nightshade Tavern.

The lower floors of the event were no less lively, as visitors had the chance to check out some exciting offerings from major sponsors and exhibitors present at the event, such as GANK’s 360 photo booth that allowed visitors to take a unique 360 degree photo or video of themselves. If you found yourself getting parched from all the excitement, you could grab a free bottle of Nestle’s Lively Tea from the event’s info counter.

Last but certainly not least was the Maid Garden organised by Her Majesty’s Mansion. Held at Union Artisan Coffee, a whole host of friendly maids could be found waiting to entertain guests with some fun games and tasty refreshments.

Ultimately, Jom Otaku Matsuri proved to be an unforgettable weekend, bringing together anime enthusiasts and cosplayers from all walks of life. Check out more content from the event over on our Facebook page!

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