League Of Legends: Seraphine, The Starry-Eyed Songstress

It has been nearly 4 months since the very first ‘Hello World’ post from Seraphine on Twitter. ‘Hello World’, a common test phrase in computer programming, is a very appropriate term for her to use, as she is technically part of a computer program herself.

Regardless, Seraphine has since amassed a following of 300k fans, and as we follow her footsteps to the stars, she becomes more real to us each day.

We have been so captivated by her posts and relatability that it’s easy to forget she’s a League of Legends champion. There’s nothing better to remind us that she is a playable champion than with an Ability Rundown.


Passive – Stage Presence
Every third basic ability Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time. Additionally, whenever she casts an ability nearby an ally, she will create a Note. Each Note gives her basic attacks more attack range and deals additional magic damage, consuming the Note.

Q – High Note
Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage that’s increased by the target’s missing health percentage

W – Surround Sound
Seraphine surrounds her nearby allies in a song, granting herself and her allies movement speed and a shield. If Seraphine is already shielded, she can heal her nearby allies, restoring health based on how many allies are near her.

E – Beat Drop
Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Enemies that are already slowed are rooted, and already rooted enemies are stunned.

R – Encore
Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that charms enemies and deals magic damage. Any champions struck (allies included) become part of the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes.

Our Thoughts

Much like her musical roots, all of Seraphine’s abilities enhance an already existing one. Her Q damage increases with every note, and her W shields. If she’s already shielded, she heals instead. Her E slows enemies, but if the enemy is already slowed, they become rooted; a rooted enemy gets stunned instead, and so on.

She amplifies and changes all her teammate’s abilities and her own as well. With her echo passive, which casts her every third ability twice, she can easily do more heals or roots. When you least expect it, she might just surprise you with what she brings to a team fight.

It was a hell of a ride following Seraphine from her indie roots to her K/DA superstardom. As we get closer and closer to her release, there is so much content to consume, from her Twitter posts to her comics and now her upcoming music release. She wasn’t the first music-centric champion but she sure stands out compared to Sona.

Seraphine is set to hit the Rift on the 29th of October, along with her Ultimate skin, K/DA All Out Seraphine.

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