Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Release Delayed to 2020

For better or for worse (but mostly better), the live-action “Sonic the Hedgehog” will be delayed until next year in order for the character to undergo a redesign.

It takes a second look to truly appreciate how poor this design was and how unfaithful it was to Sonic.

When the initial trailer for the movie dropped 3 weeks ago, the backlash was immense, with the entire Internet being especially harsh on the CG design of the eponymous character, which looked nothing like the video games’ or cartoons’ character design. On May 2nd, the director of the feature, Jeff Fowler, released a tweet, saying that changes will be made after the extraordinarily high amount of criticism.

Of course, this raised another question on whether the movie itself will stick to its initial release date of November 8th this year, which would mean a major increase in workload for the animators working on the project, in an industry already rife with controversies involving overworking.

However, Jeff Fowler soon gave us an answer, telling us that the film would now be delayed while the character undergoes a redesign. The movie will now be released on Valentine’s Day of the following here.

Hopefully this gives the team enough time to bring the true Sonic we all know and love, and we wish them the very best of luck.

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