Adorable Food Goddess (萌妻食神 ) – First Impressions

Producer: China Literature Limited

Episodes: 12

Studio: Wawayu Animation

Genre: Adventure, Historical, Comedy, Shoujo


Ye Jia Yao is a modern-day celebrity chef who loves traditional Chinese recipes and often experiments with them. However, when a food experiment goes wrong, she is catapulted back to ancient times in the body of Ye Jin Xuan, a woman who was being married off to a governor official. On her journey to her wedding, she was kidnapped by a group of bandits from the Black Wind Fortress and is offered to Xia Chun Yu, the third Master as a bride.

What you need to know about Adorable Food Goddess

  • I can officially call this a Chinese, PG13 Shokugeki no Souma. Essentially, the anime still has its cinematic moments after a character eats something, but it is more toned down compared to Shokugeki. (Note: It is safe to watch in public!)
  • The animation quality is so-so. Their cooking animations is top notch, but other than that it is on the mediocre level. The thing that bothers is me is that the background are great, but the characters stand out too much as their outlines are very thick. It tends to break the immersion.
  • Their animation style is varied. The characters are usually chibi-fied whenever the mood is meant to be comedic. The special effects included in the animation adds to the comedic relief and charm of the series too.
  • The plot isn’t great. The series had an abrupt ending which made me want to flip my laptop. This is partly because there is no strong conflict point. Whatever ‘conflict’ was easily resolved and didn’t contribute to the plot much.
  • The heroine is kickass in cooking and does not fit the usual damsel in distress trope. Over the episodes, her character also noticeably develops.
The jarring contrast of the character and the background

Trivia about Adorable Food Goddess

  • It is an adaptation from a Chinese light novel of the same name. It is still ongoing and currently has 63 translated chapters and 435 raw Chinese chapters.
  • It also has a drama which has 56 episodes. The reviews for the drama are mostly good with the exception of people complaining about filler episodes and how it got draggy it gets towards the ending.

Verdict: Watch it!

If you are looking for a comedy anime about food that doesn’t go too deep into plot building, this might be an enjoyable one for you! If you want to try and get into Chinese animation, this animation might do the trick too.

The only downside, I have to say, would be the animation and the few amount of episodes but overall, it’s worth a watch!

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