Magic The Gathering: ‘War of Spark’ To Contain A Planeswalker In Every Booster Pack

You read that right. Don’t worry, I didn’t believe it when I first read it too. However, Magic the Gathering’s next set, War of the Spark, due to be released in will indeed contain a planeswalker in every booster pack. 

Since the release of the card type planeswalkers back in the Lorwyn block, these cards have always carried the highest rarity in the game itself, mythic rare. With this announcement, it is most likely that the planeswalkers in the set will be of uncommon or rare rarities. 

This is very much akin to the Dominaria set which included a legendary card in every pack, reducing the former base rarity of legendary cards from rare and mythic rare to uncommon. By planting a planeswalker in every pack, the drafting format will become extremely interesting and the standard format will have decks made up of purely planeswalkers running about.

Storyline wise, this set aims to wrap up the Nicol Bolas saga that has been brewing for over a decade. While I believe it will not be the end of everyone’s favourite nefarious dragon, the creative team can create a new direction or team to combat the other unsolved storylines of the Magic multiverse. 

You can check out the amazing stained glass art for all the planeswalkers here as it is featured in the War of the Spark teaser set.

Are you excited for the War of the Spark set? Do you think it will contain a masterpiece collection of all planeswalkers like Kaladesh and Battle for Zendikar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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