Jordan Peele Does It Again: ‘Us’ Earns $7.4 Million On Opening Night

From the comedic skit creator turned visionary horror director, Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ hit the silver screen last week and it nearly broke the box office record on opening night for the horror genre.

The movie, which stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, is about an African-American family who are confronted by a group of doppelgängers. In North America alone, the film brought in an impressive $7.4 million opening night. This success is in no part thanks to Peele’s original phenomenal hit, ‘Get Out’ two years ago.

‘Get Out’ was a psychological thriller about a young African-American man that discovered a horrifying secret after meeting his white girlfriend’s family. The movie made Peele a household name in the horror genre, completely solidifying his capability as a horror movie director for movie goers.

“Every notch along the way I recognized how important it was to have a dark-skinned family in the center of this movie.”

Jordan Peele

With a widely acclaimed near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and four Oscar nominations which included Best Picture for ‘Get Out’, Peele had a horde of hungry horror movie fans excitedly anticipating ‘Us’.

With a $7.4 million opening night, this much anticipated movie is just $300,000 shy of breaking the record for the best opening night for horror, surpassing other modern classics such as ‘The Nun’ with $5.4 million opening night and ‘A Quiet Place’ with $4.3 million opening night.

This may be in due part to movie goers being eager to support Peele as an African-American director, who’s trying to balance the scales for his community to be represented well in the movies. Whatever it is, it’s definitely effective as the film is looking to top the box office, even with Captain Marvel just three weeks in.

Watch the full movie trailer here:

Are you hyped to get yourself creeped out to your very core? Go get a ticket for ‘Us’, now showing in theaters across Malaysia.

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