Arts, Cosplay & Etc: ACE-ing the start of 2019

The year just started and ACE came swooping in to start the year with a bang! The event returned for its first year in collaboration with AniManGaki at Starling Mall this 16th – 17th February. At the event there were plenty of Arts, Cosplay, and most importantly, a whole lot of Etc which covered just about everything that is fun, but may not fall under the umbrella of ACG.

For those of you who didn’t get to attend this event, here are the highlights of ACE 2019!

Stage Performances & Competitions

Like most events, there were all kinds of stage activities going on throughout the day, from performance and mini games, to panels and competitions. The performances were definitely my favourite part, as there were a huge variety of performances including dancing and even DJ acts. The performers ranged from invited guests like Ola Aphrodite to local cosplay groups like Ookami Ouji.

There were also two Cosplay Competitions that happened during the two days of the event. On Day 1 it was a Coswalk Competition in which cosplayers competed to have the best pose and best costume. The winner for this was none other than Kirigaya Jun with a superbly well made Sun Wu Kong costume, while the runners-up and 2nd runners-up were Kinomoto Sakura and ReaperZH respectively.

On Day 2 was the Group Skit Competition in which cosplayers performed a skit to try and wow the judges and audiences alike. This particular competition was judged by some local veterans including Kazuki Vinca, Dovaッ豆花, and Yugana Senshi Uon. This time, the winning skit was from a surprisingly nostalgic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, performed by Genesis Art Semarang. The runners-up and 2nd runners-up were Team U.A. and Rising Amoeba respectively.

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Video Games Galore!

Besides the stage attractions, there were a few other activities that were ongoing throughout the event such as a Super Smash Bros Ultimate competition organised by Infinite Carnage.

Other than the competition that catered to hardcore players, casual players could just have a fun and chill time on the few dedicated machines for free play. These consoles featured classic games like Metal Slug, Street Fighter, and even newer titles like the recently released Jump Force.

If board games were much more up your alley, there was also a booth where you could learn how to play a Transformers Card Game or even Dungeons and Dragons if you fancied.

Panel Sessions

Throughout the weekend, there were a few panel sessions scheduled for attendees whom are looking to learn a new skill or two. Panels covered all kinds of topics such as marketing, prop making and even balloon modelling which definitely fits in the “Etc” category of ACE.

Doujin Booths

No local event is complete without doujin booths, and there was definitely a variety of it here. There were booths that sold comics, merchandise, original works and there was even a booth that sold kalimbas!

Overall, the event was really chill and there were plenty of things for every type of attendee to enjoy throughout the day. ACE can only grow upwards from here, and we’re excited to see what direction they will take next year.

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