‘Undertale’ Creator Teases New Content In Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

‘Undertale’ finally came to the Nintendo Switch this 18th September – and you have to watch the trailer for it.

While the game is known for its classic 8-bit art style, the trailer opens to a scene right out of a magical girl anime. The character that dances on screen resembles a pink cat girl, wearing a poufy princess dress and giant bells holding in place bouncy twin tails. On her neck is a heart-shaped necklace with the name, Mew.

At first it all seems a little unreal, and even the character expresses a moment of confusion as she brandishes her cat-headed staff towards the swirly-lettered game title. But after a bewildered look and a dismissive shrug, the trailer jump cuts into clips from the actual gameplay.

Later on, the character appears for the second time in the trailer. This time, as a sprite that the player can interact with. The sprite is as tall as the player and referred to as a “strange doll”.


Who is this mysterious cat girl?

Would you believe it – while this is the first time we’re seeing this character design, this is not the first time the character appears in the game! Fans of the game would immediately draw the connection between the character’s name, Mew, and a running joke in the game, Alphy’s obsession with an anime named Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie.

Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie was, of course, a reference to Tokyo Mew Mew that Toby Fox planted in ‘Undertale’, but now it seems like it’s taking a life of its own. Based on reports of the Switch edition having a huge Easter egg and extra boss battle, we’re placing our bets that Mew still has a bigger role to play.

Oh Toby, you’re as cheeky as always. (Image source: Undertale – Release Trailer – Nintendo Switch)

There has yet to be any confirmation whether this bonus content – Mew or Mewless – will be added to other ports of the game (namely its PS4, PS Vita, and PC counterparts), so it seems like the Switch is your only choice if you’re hunkering to get a slice of something new.

The Nintendo Switch port for Undertale is now available for $14.99 on the Nintendo E-Shop. For the hardcore fans, a special collector’s edition is also available for purchase exclusively on Fangamer for $69.00, which includes a physical copy of the game, the complete Undertale soundtrack, sheet music, a 14k gold-plated brass music box locket, and a 24-page storybooklet illustrated by Temmie Chang.

What do you think about Undertale coming to the Switch? Will you be emptying your wallets for the collector’s edition? Let us know in the comments!

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