The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Its First VR Headset – And It’s Not From Nintendo

It’s being called ‘NS Glasses’ and it is the brain child of Canadian company exklim. Described as “the world’s first headset for Switch”, it looks and sounds like any other VR headset in the market but there are a few key differences.

Functionally, the headset has all the basic functionalities of a regular VR headset, e.g. adjustable headband and options for both wireless and wired play. On top of that, it is also custom designed to fit the Switch’s hardware, leaving holes for the console’s charging port, fans, and even Joy Con slots open for players to continue using them as they normally would.

Image source: Geek Tyrant

In terms of software, the device is said to be compatible with every single game on the Switch right now, but here’s the clincher: the console isn’t actually VR-enabled. Instead, the NS Glasses uses “colour switching technology” to make existing games appear 3D to players. It also “smooths the pixel count” to combat the Switch’s 720p display and make it seem like a higher resolution.

It’s an interesting concept, for sure, but undoubtedly limited by the lack of VR games on the console right now. Without Nintendo’s official seal of approval – and not to mention, the rumours that the company is looking to develop official Switch VR gear of their own –  it’ll be interesting to see how far this development will go.

What’s for certain is that the idea of a VR-compatible Switch has been hotly debated since the first announcement of the console. exklim is not the first to attempt it, but they may be the first to succeed. If you’re interested in supporting their efforts, NS Glasses are available for pre-order now.

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