League of Legends’ Ezreal Gets A Rework, Kinda

Ezreal has always been a classic, go-to champion for League of Legends players. A hard-to-master but easy-to-learn champion, Ezreal is a champion that stood the test of time and no real rework was actually necessary. It seems that Riot agrees with me on that front.

The latest “rework” for Ezreal is more like a graphical update with one skill changed. Yup, just one skill changed. Ezreals’s Essence Flux (W) was always an over simplistic skill that did nothing except to slightly increase the attack speed of a friendly champion and deal slight damage to enemy champions. I sometimes do not even put a single skill point into that skill unless there is no other choice.

“You belong in a museum” – Ezreal

The one new skill: Essence Flux

The new Essence Flux is much more 2018. It is now an orb that sticks to the first champion, large monster or objective hit. The same orb can be detonated with one of Ezreal’s skills and deals massive bonus damage along with additional mana refunded plus the mana cost of that skill.


With this rework, AP burst Ezreal is back with a vengeance. Prepare for all the electrocute-dark-harvest-one-shot-ezreal-ap-build. Provided you land all of his skill shots of course. I am expecting to see a whole lot of AP Ezreals in the mid lane now.

But what does it say about AD Ezreal? The same really, he can burst more now so I can see him having a much easier time in the early lane phase and he will still only get going after he completes both of the tear items. We shall wait and see if the Koreans creates an innovating and creative build for Ezreal. Koreans have such a hard-on for him.


Old skins upgrade

As with all reworks, Riot also released a whole new set of new replacement skins for the old skins, splash arts and a much smoother Suzumiya Haruhi dance on the classic skin! Yup that’s right. Every skin. Every skin gets its own new shiny razzle and dazzle. This includes the very first Ultimate level skin, Pulsefire Ezreal. Finally, a reason to use my Pulsefire Ezreal once more.

Source: Classic Ezreal – SkinSpotlights

In keeping with the tradition of reworks, Riot also release a whole slew of new splash arts for all our wallpaper needs. Some are just tiny tweaks like soccer Ezreal while some are a whole new art like the classic Ezreal splash art.

All in all, I am pretty excited to see the new-ish Ezreal in-game. He will fare much better along against the others even if he is still building tear as the first item. Also with just one skill change, Ezreal fans are relieved because all the other skills collectively made Ezreal who he is and why he is that much fun to play, even though he was originally released years ago.

Are you relieved that Ezreal actually wasn’t changed much? Tell us in the comments!

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