Shenmue III Announces Release Date!

Source: Shenmue official site

Shenmue III fans does not have to wait much longer. Probably. Publisher ‘Deep Silver’ has a date locked down and that is the 27th August 2019. Even though that is nowhere near the date that director ‘Yu Suzuki’ first expected to launch the game, long-time fans are probably used to waiting by now. In the meantime, fans will just have to entertain themselves with Shenmue I and II on the PC which was also released today.

Shenmue III broke the Kickstarter record by raising more than $6 million and is originally due to be released on the 2nd half of this year but unfortunately, it was delayed until 2019. To be fair though, this happens to most crowdfunded projects especially a project of this undertaking and size. With the expanded areas, new jobs, new mini games and not to mentioned the open world freedom promised by Suzuki, it’s no wonder that it took longer than expected.

Along with the release date, publisher Deep Silver also released a trailer during Gamescom, that showed the hero Ryo Hazuki on his journey with Ling Shenhua, a girl who tells prophecies. Shenmue III is set to release on both PC and PS4.

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