‘Summer Lesson’ Now Has Two New Characters – Chisato Shinjo & Allison Snow

After a viral beginning to the franchise (and subsequent drop back into obscurity), ‘Summer Lesson’ is making headlines again with the addition of two new characters – self-assured rich girl Chisato Shinjo and beautiful foreigner Allison Snow.

Playstation Asia released the news on their social media on the 20th of July alongside our first previews of the girls and their respective environments.

Menyusul Hikari Yamamoto yang telah lebih dulu mengisi hatimu, hari-hari yang tak kalah berwarna nampaknya akan…

Posted by PlayStation Asia on Friday, July 20, 2018

A quick look at the Playstation Store reveals more about our two new cast members, including their personalities and interaction styles:

Interaction with Chisato Shinjo

The young lady of the reknowned Shinjo family lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town. Spend 7 days with Chisato as her home tutor, teaching her about common knowledge and current trends from how to use computers, to opening her eyes to the fun of manga and games.

However, ordinary methods won’t work with this lady! “You’re employed by me” she says, as she drags you into her willful antics. A self-assured lady, there’s nothing she likes more than seeing you get flustered… Truly a student unlike any you’ve taught before. What surprises does this mysterious rich girl have in store? It’s an exciting VR experience!

Interaction with Allison Snow

A relaxing summer vacation mini-holiday with blue skies, the sea, and nature. Spend 7 days with Allison in an old Japanese-style house set in a sleepy town by the beach. Let your worries melt away as you chat with her on the porch… It’s a healing VR experience!

Same as their debut with Hikari Miyamoto, our new cast members will be available in English, Chinese, and Korean language options. The two-character bundle is currently available for pre-order at RM329, which is a steal compared to the RM219 price tag on the original game.

Purchasing the game will automatically come with the following content:

・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow Seven Days Garden (Basic Game Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow International Exchange on the Porch (Add-on Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow Summer Sky Singing Voice (Add-on Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow Extra Scene Cheering (Outfit & Situation)
・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow Extra Scene Watermelon Splitting (Outfit & Situation)
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Seven Day Etude (Basic Game Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Red Carpet Magic Hour (Add-on Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Refreshing Break Time (Add-on Pack)
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Extra Scene Twilight Youth (Outfit & Situation)
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Extra Scene Live Singing Show (Outfit & Situation)

However, if you pre-order the game, it will also come with a few added bonuses:

・SUMMER LESSON: Allison Snow Theme
・SUMMER LESSON: Chisato Shinjo Theme
・Allison Snow Outfit: Bikini Milky Quartz
・Chisato Shinjo Outfit: Bikini Fluorite
・Hikari Miyamoto Outfit: Bikini Blue Topaz

So, what are you waiting for? If VR girlfriends are your thing, or if you just want to follow the continued growth of VR character interactions, the new ‘Summer Lesson’ is available for pre-order now until it launches worldwide this 23rd August 2018.

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