Overwatch 2nd Anniversary Event Leaked – New Junkrat Pirate Skin!

A few days ago, a video from the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event was leaked online. The video seemed to be a trailer for Brazilian Overwatch fans, featuring a dancing Junkrat and Roadhog showing off an assortment of skins. Fans were quick to notice the new Pirate skin for Junkrat (already lovingly dubbed Captain Junk Sparrow), as well as the appearance of skins from other past events including Halloween Terror 2016, Winter Wonderland 2016 and 2017.

This has led to speculation that the new event will allow players to unlock cosmetic items from all previous events, not just last year’s anniversary event. This was supported by the translation* of the video, which reads: “Items and contentions from past seasons are back.” The video also confirms the start date for the event, happening this 22 May 2018.

*Translation may not be 100% accurate.


Last year’s Overwatch Anniversary event saw the introduction of new game modes, Lockout Elimination and Limited Duel, as well as new maps to accompany the new modes. While it is unconfirmed whether the same will happen this time round, at least fans can begin looking forward to grinding for both new and old cosmetic items they missed in the past.

Expect more news and an official announcement for the 2nd Anniversary event to be released within the next week or two, leading up to its full launch on May 22nd.

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