5 Ways To Become A Better Monster Hunter

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It’s probably not news to anyone at this point but Monster Hunter World has been doing extremely well in the global gaming market. Since its release in January, Monster Hunter World has since gone on to sell millions of copies and break multiple records for its developer; becoming Capcom’s fastest selling title and even its best selling game of all time.

Indeed the future seems very bright for this franchise that was once considered too niche, BUT for now we focus on the present, and even then, there’s a lot to be excited for. Capcom recently did an update livestream confirming many more monsters are on the way in free updates with the first of these being Deviljho, an old favorite that will be added into the game tomorrow!

As many a veteran will tell you online, Deviljho is a challenge far beyond anything players of Monster Hunter World have experienced thus far, and so we have compiled a few tips to keep in mind that’ll help you be a better readied hunter for the Jho and anything else to come.


1. Know Your Weapon

Now this sounds like a given but believe it or not, many players go a long while not realizing their weapons may have more intricate movesets that they are not utilising. The result of this obviously is that battles take longer to complete, as inexperienced players have effectively neutered themselves by not using their weapons to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

The solution? Look it up and practice. The community for Monster Hunter is now the largest it’s ever been with an endless slew of tutorials both online and in-game. Just hit up YouTube or the Monster Hunter Subreddit and you’ll find many people eager to teach those willing to learn. Even if you’re a long-time fan of the franchise, there are many new moves in World you may not even be aware of! Bottom line is this; put time into learning and eventually you’ll find your battles becoming MUCH quicker.


2. Assess Your Environment

Monster Hunter for the most part has had very limited environmental interactions in the past due to its games being on rather low-performance hardware. That all changed with World however as every zone you’re in now sports a slew of traps and tricks you can utilise to make you a more effective hunter.

From falling debris that can cause massive damage, to toads that spew paralyzing gas, being aware of the various environmental hazards around you can not only save your life, but use it at the right time and you can effectively turn the tide of battle in any hunt regardless of monster.


3. Learn Thy Enemy

Again, sounds obvious but it’s not rare to find those who underestimate the gallery of monsters in this game. Every monster in this game, much like animals in real life, have tells that indicate what they want to do next. Understanding these tells and pre-emptively identifying them is key to helping you survive longer in this game.

Sure initially you’ll make mistakes and have a bit of a hard fail every now and then but much like your weapon, as long as you keep observing and learning, eventually you’ll be able to know what a monster wants to do before it even does it, giving you way more time to either guard or get the hell out of its hitzone. It also doesn’t hurt to read up on its weak spots and elemental resistances.


4. Don’t Get Greedy

All, and I mean all advice anyone can give you for Monster Hunter just falls apart the moment you get greedy. No matter how good your armor is, no matter how high you can get your DPS, all of that will not matter if your sole focus is rushing in and spamming the attack buttons. Committing too much to your offense will inevitably get you caught in a bad spot and doing so online may even jeopardize your team as many over-aggressive players will wind up staggering their fellow hunters, ironically resulting in an overall loss of potential damage. Play smart, play patient and watch for openings, coz knowing when to dish out optimal damage will likely help you save both time and potions.


5. Be Mindful of Fellow Hunters

The reason Monster Hunter excels is because there are many ways to play it and have fun, as such it is imperative to understand that not everyone does things the same. Just because some people are looking out for ways they can do the most damage, doesn’t mean you should too. There are many who would boast of ways to become the most efficient hunter, but what’s the point if you’re so focused on the numbers that you no longer have fun?

There are a lot more ways to support your team aside from dealing damage. Become good at what you like to do in Monster Hunter and somehow you’ll find that regardless of what it is, you’ll be an asset to the team.

While there is certainly a lot more to being a great hunter, these are what we feel to be the most important factors that make up the foundations. It’s always about the mindset in Monster Hunter, and so long as one stays humble and hungry for improvement, a future of happy hunting awaits them.

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