Things We Hope Destiny 2 Will Change This 2018

Destiny 2 sure received a lot of flak over the past few months, but Bungie has promised to make it right. As the new year comes, here’s what I hope will happen this year for Destiny 2.


1. PVP private matches

Introduced in Rise of Iron expansion in September 2016, Destiny players are able to do whatever they please with whomever they like within the crucible rule sets through private matches. This crucible feature, however, is not available since the launch of Destiny 2 and its release of The Curse of Osiris expansion. I hope to see the release of private matches in the near future, especially if we can set the number of players. Too many times have my clan mates faced the problem where two of us have to go sleep / leave the fire team after raids, while the four fire team members will go on to play crucible. (For those uninitiated to Destiny 2’s crucible, it now only supports 4 fire team members.)


2. Eververse

Eververse is definitely one of the in-game features that is heavily criticised among the community due to the shamelessness in money grabbing. Half of the new armour sets are placed behind pay walls, players either grind and may not get the complete armour set, or pay money to get Silver (the in-game premium currency) and still may get nothing. Understandably, such ongoing revenue features have to be in the game for Bungie to sustain the game, but I only wish there was better balancing to Eververse. I mean, come on, we all hate Rahool. Don’t make us hate Tess too!


3. New innovative social space

It will be a interesting change of pace if we would have a new social space element. Imagine if we have a space where we can display our most used gun and our proudest PVP medals. People can then visit that space and get to know us more. This is similar to orbiter from Warframe. Hey, if its good, why not put it in the game? But maybe at the same time, they can…


 4. Vault

The current vault space still doesn’t do it for me. Not only we have a small vault space, the weapons and armours are also combined. This makes the vault space management not as efficient. The sorting system could do with some improvement too. I hope that Bungie can help make the user interface easier on the vault system before they implement anything new.

That’s what I think are more important for Bungie to work on. If you have more suggestions, leave it at the comment section below. Till next time – eyes up, guardians!

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