SONY PlayStation TGS 2017 Highlights

SONY held its PlayStation press conference at the Tokyo game Show 2017 yesterday, during which it unveiled a slew of exciting trailers and information to tantalize the taste buds of PlayStation fans. The entire conference was pretty much a non-stop, back-to-back showing of trailers, both old and new, showing off some great games coming to the PS4 in the near future. In case you missed it, here are some of the grand highlights that we at The MAGIC RAIN are really excited about.


Left Alive

Big, new titles in the industry are relatively rare these days, which is what makes this one intriguing to say the least. Left Alive was revealed to be the latest title currently being developed by Square Enix, described by the company as a brand-new survival action shooter set in a dark and gritty world. While the teaser really didn’t show much of anything, what WAS made very apparent were the great talents that are working on it; namely Shinji Hashimoto who’s produced countless games for Square Enix and Yoji Shinkawa, whose brilliant artistry form the iconic look of the entire Metal Gear franchise.


Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Remastered with PSVR

Speaking of Yoji Shinkawa’s works, Konami has revealed that Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner will be remastered for the PS4 with 4k support, updated sound design and extra features that have yet to be detailed; it will even come with full PSVR support! This honestly comes as a bit of a surprise considering the original two Zone of the Enders games on the PS2 weren’t big sellers for Konami. Nevertheless, this is an excellent chance for many to be acquainted with this rather obscure and underappreciated title. We just gotta hope Konami doesn’t pull another Silent Hill remaster on us…


Noctis joins Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

With its release date of 30th January 2018 encroaching, Final Fantasy Dissidia NT showed off a new trailer yesterday with some gameplay footage included alongside more teasers on the story aspect. Nothing much we didn’t already know, until they showed Noctis and we lost it.


Final Fantasy IX Releases on the PS4

Yet another big reveal by Square Enix, it was revealed that Final Fantasy IX would be released on the PS4 PS Store worldwide right after the conference. Released last year for mobile and PC as well, this new version for the PS4 sports HD cutscenes and character models. In addition, some “booster” features have been added that allow players to further customize their experience; such as the ability to speed the game up or turn off random encounters. To top things off for our local folks, the game is currently being sold at 20% off until the 26th of September. As people who have played the game before in the past, we at The MAGIC RAIN only have one word of advice for those interested – PLAY IT.


Monster Hunter World has a Release Date

This was the absolute showstopper in both a literal and figurative sense. Monster Hunter World dropped a new trailer at the very end of the SONY conference, unveiling a huge amount of information regarding the title. From new monsters to what looks like a fully fleshed out story mode, the trailer showed off an unprecedented amount of features never before seen in the franchise.

To the further delight of fans, the game was finally given a worldwide release date of 26th January 2018, a welcome piece of news as many assumed the game would only be out towards the end of Q1 2018. Pre-order bonuses as well as a digital deluxe edition were also detailed, with a special Monster Hunter PS4 PRO version also revealed to the public. There’s no doubt about it, Monster Hunter is coming back to PlayStation in full force, and we couldn’t be happier.

And those were the announcements that made us squeal the most! What games were you excited to see at SONY’s TGS press conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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