3 Junji Ito Manga You HAVE to Read

A few of Junji Ito’s manga pages have been making their rounds lately and has caught the attention of a significant number of new readers, including me. So I thought I’d write this article! Here are 3 Junji Ito manga you can’t miss in no specific order.


Status: On-going
Chapters: 12
Genre: Horror, Seinen

Tomie is about a beautiful girl who is cursed with what I think would be regeneration (due to lack of a better word for it). The way she regenerates is somehow horrifically fascinating. The manga revolves around various men who fall in love with her then being driven to madness.



Status: Completed
Chapters: 20
Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance, Seinen

I’m sure a few of us know that the word うずまき or uzumaki means spiral and from there we can tell that this will be a horror story based around spirals. Even reading it made me feel a little dizzy! I highly recommend it; it was incredibly enticing. Be careful though, don’t let the spiral catch you!



Status: Completed
Chapters: 19.5
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mature, Seinen

Who would’ve thought fishes could be so terrifying? Well, now we know they can be. Gyo is about sea creatures emerging from the sea with legs, bringing a terrible stench along with them. You’d think walking fish wouldn’t be all that frightening but Junji Ito has undoubtedly brought the scariness into this strange concept.

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