3 Weirdest Anime Openings and Endings You Probably Haven’t Seen

Assuming you’ve read the title, you’ll know this article will be written about 3 different anime OPs and EDs you may or may not have encountered. The opening or ending of an anime is usually one of the most hyped aspects in an anime series, taking Tokyo Ghoul’s Unravel and the Monogatari series’ Renai Circulation as an example.

However, unlike some of the thousands of anime OSTs, certain openings just aren’t meant to be taken seriously or even exist. Here are 3 of the weirdest anime openings and endings we’ve come across.


Gakuen Handsome

As I’ve mentioned in one of our previous articles, Gakuen Handsome is a joke of an anime. Literally. It’s just a fun and light satirical anime which you can watch when you decide you want to watch an anime about bishounen dorito-heads. The ending of Gakuen Handsome is somewhat questionable and here’s why;


Senpai Club

To those who are familiar with Senpai Club, you’re probably wondering — can you really call this an anime? Well, I’m not sure either but it does seem to suit the satirical category of anime, similar to Gakuen Handsome. The difference between the two said anime is that Senpai Club is made and voice acted by non-Japanese people with obvious foreign accents and I think that’s what makes it more amusing in a really ironic way. Small warning, the opening is slightly vulgar.


Naruto’s German opening

Why is a Naruto opening being written about? A German one at that! Well, this is an opening I cannot exactly put into words and watching it gives me loads of mixed feelings so I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll figure out why;


So which do you think was the weirdest opening in this list? Any others you think should be in here? Let us know in the comments!

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