Cosers Confess: My Boyfriend Wants Me To Stop Cosplaying

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Dear The Magic Rain team,

I’ve just gotten the courage to tell my boyfriend about my cosplay hobby. We just started dating about 2 months ago. He isn’t the type to like anime or manga. He thinks it’s weird, mainly because some of his friends are very into hentai and yaoi. So, when I told him about my hobby, he didn’t like it and has been trying to discourage me from cosplaying. What should I do??

Sad Girlfriend

Dear Sad Girlfriend,

Do not worry too much about your situation. It is quite normal for individuals such as your boyfriend to have a stigma towards cosplayers/cosplay especially when most of the time, they are only exposed to the “Hentai and Yaoi” side of anime/manga culture. Based on prior experience, he may start to dislike your hobby due to the mindset that cosplaying is indecent and weird.

My suggestion for you is to introduce some anime to him that is “neutral” and well-liked by not only the ACG community but also the general community. For an easy start, you may introduce him to movies like “Kimi No Na Wa”, “Spirited Away” or even “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale”. You can do this to demonstrate that there are different types of anime compared to the one he’s commonly exposed to. Moreover, you can use Disney cosplayers as an illustration to show that cosplay is not only for anime, it can be done for Disney shows, gaming characters and much more.

Honestly, there are so many facets to cosplay that you can show to help convince him. This hobby is pure and is dependent on what you want it to be. It is a modern art form allowing individuals to bring their favourite characters to life and bring smiles to others. For some, it may even be a hobby where they can get away from issues or even help build their self-confidence.

Just remember that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, never give up on the things that make you happy. If he truly loves you, he’d accept you for who you are eventually. Just try your best and do your part! All the best 🙂


Ms. Scrumptious

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  1. No offense but the suggestions above are actually bad.

    Kimi no nawa have scene that Mitsuha (Taki) touch her own boobs.
    SAO shows that polygamy is allowed and other girls are all over a guy with a gf, even when Kirito is already in relationship with Asuna.
    Spirited Away is just… plain awkward and weird at certain scenes.

    A normie bf like that, will not be able to accept those.

    For something “neutral”, that would be Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Little Witch Academia (on-going), or something comedic like Gabriel Dropout.

  2. Normies are always the problem, and you don’t have to tell him about your hobby or interest which in return he’ll respond negatively

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