How To Get Every Microtransaction In Dragon’s Dogma 2 For Free

When Dragon’s Dogma 2 dropped on all platforms last week, gamers were quick to point out the long list of microtransactions that came with it. But let’s cut through the fat of the conversation. Is the game unplayable without the microtransactions? Nope. Can you obtain most of the items in-game? Yup!

In this article, we’ll show you where to get (almost) every single microtransaction in the game for free. Do note that these items are available in multiple places, but here are some of the quickest and most reliable ways to get them.

Explorer’s Camping Kit

Camping Kits are a key item in Dragon’s Dogma, as it is the only way to pass time and restore your Loss Gauge while on the road. Thankfully, Camping Kits can be bought from most merchants and it is a reusable resource. Depending on the quality of the Camping Kit, you can use them multiple times before they break.

However, there is a difference in the Explorer’s Camping Kit DLC. This microtransaction offers a new Camping Kit that is durable and lightweight, and it also permanently unlocks the item to be purchased at shops in-game. Although from our experience, the regular Camping Kits are more than good enough.

Harpysnare Smoke Beacons

Harpysnare Smoke Beacons are one of the rarer items on this list. They are mainly used to attract harpies to your area, which allows them to carry you to otherwise unreachable treasure chests. As you can guess, this is more of a luxury item for the loot goblins out there.

Like most items in the game, you can find Harpysnare Smoke Beacons randomly in chests or purchase them from a traveling vendor. They are most reliably sold by traveling vendors near the coastal village of Harve and in the Battahl region.

Makeshift Gaol Key

Makeshift Gaol Keys are a single-use item that will let you escape from gaol (jail) if you ever find yourself behind bars. You can find a traveling vendor at the entrance of Melve that sells the Makeshift Gaol Key for 3,000G. Not only that, you can obtain a permanent Gaol Key that doesn’t break by completing The Caged Magistrate main quest.

Ambivalent Rift Incense

If you’re unsatisfied with your Main Pawn’s inclination, you can change it by using the Ambivalent Rift Incense or any other Rift Incense. A merchant selling these items can be found next to the Grand Riftstone at every major town, starting with Vernworth. There is a limited number of units though, so choose your inclinations carefully!

Art of Metamorphosis (Character Editor)

The Art of Metamorphosis is also sold by the same merchant located next to the Grand Riftstone. This item allows you to change your Arisen’s appearance (and buy glasses, for our bespectacled friends!)

If you’re looking to change specific parts of your appearance, you can also visit one of the Barberies in town. It costs 10,000G each to change your hairstyle, makeup, or markings. You can find Clovis’s Barberie in Vernworth behind the Grand Riftstone.

Portcrystal (Warp Location Marker)

Portcrystals are fast travel checkpoints that allow you to traverse the map with ease. There only two permanent Portcrystals in the game, located in Vernworth and Harve Village, so obtaining reusable Portcrystals is going to be extremely important. You can earn one of your first reusable Portcrystals by completing the Gift of the Bow side quest.

More importantly, Ferrystones are required to travel from any point in the map to a Portcrystal. You can purchase them for 10,000G from merchants, and make sure to drop by the Vernworth Vocation Guild to trade in a Seeker’s Token and get a Ferrystone for free.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is filled with dangers lurking around every corner, so you’ll want to keep a Wakestone on hand at all times. You can craft a Wakestone by collecting 3 Wakestone Shards, which can be found in chests or purchased from merchants. As long as you’re not dying every other second, you’re not going to need too many of these.

Rift Crystals

Rift Crystals are the key to recruiting more powerful Pawns to your party, as well as changing your Arisen’s appearance and your Main Pawn’s inclination. The easiest way to obtain more Rift Crystals are by activating Forgotten Riftstones which grant you 30 RC.

But unless you’re looking to hire an overpowered Pawn to carry your party to victory, you can easily encounter and hire Pawns for 0 RC wandering around the countryside. These Pawns tend to be the same level or a few levels higher than your current level. If you’re in the early game, you can also hire Official Pawns up to level 10 for 0 RC.

Heartfelt Pendant

There are only two DLC items that can’t be found in-game. The first one is the Heartfelt Pendant, a gift item you can use to deepen the bonds between your Arisen and NPCs. Unlike regular gifts, the Heartfelt Pendant is a gift that all NPCs will like regardless of their preferences.

Dragon’s Dogma Music & Sound Collection

This is the second DLC item that can’t be found in game. This item changes some in-game music and sound effects to those of the original Dragon’s Dogma — if you’re an OG player looking for a nostalgia hit!

What do you think about the microtransactions in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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