Pacific Drive Is A Survival Driving Game Where Your Car Is Your Only Companion

Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game set in a surreal reimagining of the Pacific Northwest. With your car as your only companion, survive supernatural dangers and an unpredictable, hostile environment as you venture into an abandoned research site known as the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

The game was developed by Ironwood Studios, a Seattle-based development team that started with the goal of creating games set in rich and surreal worlds. They focus on gameplay systems that inspire players to tell their own stories as the systems and player collaborate to create unexpected and personal experiences.

In the game, you operate out of an abandoned garage as your home base. Venture outside to gather precious resources to gather precious resources and investigate what’s been left behind in the Zone, then restore and upgrade your station wagon between expeditions. But each time you venture out, a different challenge awaits: bizarre weather, unforgiving landscapes, and experimental remnants.

The golden rule in the Zone is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Some materials can only be found in the most dangerous places. Your faithful wagon can be reinforced to protect you, but it is going to take a beating. Expect to be pushed to your limit — make repairs on the fly, scavenge materials wherever you can, and adapt your rolling fortress to tackle the many life-threatening dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Each expedition brings you closer to unravelling a long-forgotten mystery about the world around you, although it won’t be easy. The experimental leftovers of the secretive ARDA organization remain scattered across the Zone; from silhouettes in the dark, rolling piles of scrap metal, to towering pillars of earth.

As terrifying as those may be, nothing compares nothing compares to the overwhelming power of a Zone Storm. These rolling maelstroms rend the landscape and obliterate anything that sticks around too long. Stomp on the gas and outrun it if you can.

The game features an original score by Wilbert Roget, II and 20+ licensed songs on the radio. It also includes voice acting by Tara Langella (Ophelia “Oppy” Turner), Erika Ishii (Chiaki Saruhashi), Jeff Wong (Tobias Barlow), and Michael Turner (Francis Cooke) who all play characters who you can find in the zone — although why they remain there is a mystery.

Buy or wishlist Pacific Drive on Steam and top-up your Steam Wallet on Codashop.

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