Three Casual Mobile Games You Should Play, From Local Publisher Zempot Malaysia

Looking for your next mobile game to pass the time? Check out these games from local developer and publisher Zempot Malaysia. With a team of over 30 skilled Malaysian gaming enthusiasts, they blend both local and Korean expertise to maximise the player’s enjoyment and refine their gaming experience.

For a unique blend of gameplay, creativity, and skill, you’ll want to add these three mobile games to your list!

1. Alice: Minesweeper Saga

Step back into the nostalgic era of the 90s and join Alice on a captivating journey through the whimsical landscape of Minesweeper, now intertwined with the enchanting essence of Wonderland’s magic. Dive into this delightful fusion of classic gaming and fantasy, where every click uncovers a world of mystery and challenge. Experience the wonder today!

2. Block Tertrigo Invaders

Ready to master an addictive puzzle game? Enter the world of Block Tetris Invaders, where strategic thinking meets a new dimension of challenge. Featuring four distinct-colored blocks, this game demands players to rotate, move, and strategically drop the blocks as they speedily descend into the matrix below. Are you up for the challenge?

3. Strike Axe

Prepare for a riveting idle RPG experience with Strike Axe! Embark on a thrilling journey packed with monumental battles against monstrous adversaries. Armed with a divine axe and guided by spirit guardians, you’ll venture on a heroic quest to purge the world of lurking horrors. Get set for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will push your skills to the edge. The fate of the world awaits your decisive actions!

Zempot Malaysia is also actively seeking collaborations with local game developers, gaming institutions, and IT tech firms in preparation for their expansion into Southeast Asia! For more information about their company and services, visit their official website here.

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