Our Experience At The First Pokémon TCG Academia Bootcamp

The first and only Pokémon TCG Academia Bootcamp happened on 18th November this year in Pavilion Bukit Jalil, and it was all about diving into the Pokemon Trading Card Games (TCG) scene. As I was new to the game mechanics, I was stoked to further my knowledge and put my skills to the test. So, read along for my recap as a fellow newbie!

Let The Adventure Begin!

The registration process went super smoothly as the staff were all smiles and got us a cool name sticker where we could write the name of our university. The Gym Leader then guided me to my seat and you won’t believe it — I immediately befriended some students from my university. Even though I was meeting them for the first time, we totally clicked!

Sharp at 11AM, trainers were introduced to the two Professors who would be training us throughout the Bootcamp through structured modules, just like a university would! In the first foundational stage, trainers were introduced to the essentials of the Pokémon TCG.

We kicked things off with understanding the game board, including deck management, mulligan strategies, and the significance of prize cards. Building on this knowledge, trainers then dived into assembling a strong deck. Trainers were also challenged to a quiz to ensure a solid grasp of strategic composition.

Transitioning to the next module, trainers delved into the dynamic landscape of the game’s meta and crafting decks that counter opponents. We had the opportunity to refine our skills in learning the sequencing moves and deck thinning strategies to gain a tactical advantage. These modules really did help me navigate the complexities of the TCG battlefield and set the rhythm for the battles that lay ahead!

Pokémon, I Choose You!

Upon finishing the modules, it was time to take a break and refuel. However, the excitement did not end there, as we were given the opportunity to dive into a thrilling series of five swiss rounds, as trainers engaged in a mock tournament and actually put our abilities to the test. The atmosphere was buzzing with players using this platform as a chance to learn, evolve, and most importantly, have a good time with Pokémon TCG.

However, as a beginner, I found that the allocated 25-minute mock tournament game time felt a bit too short. I took quite some time shuffling my deck and practising setting up. I believe a learning environment spanning 30 to 35 minutes might be more conducive for a friendlier experience, as this would allow for more exploration of strategies and a deeper engagement with the nuances of the game.

On the contrary, entering the mock competitive scene felt incredibly warm and inclusive, particularly as a female player and a newcomer. The community radiated friendliness! The Gym Leaders were exceptionally helpful, offering guidance and support. Even when I found myself in tricky situations, or what they call ‘bricking’, some experienced trainers were more than willing to lend a hand.

An Electrifying Finale With Limited-Edition Goodies

As the event slowly came to a close, things got even more exciting with the announcement of cool and limited edition prizes featuring the logo of the Pokémon TCG Academia series for each attendee, making the whole experience even more awesome and unforgettable.

For any newbies thinking about coming back for another round, do it — and if you are up for more adventures, definitely check out the Town Leagues and the upcoming Malaysia Regional League on 2nd December to dive deeper into the awesome world of Pokémon Trading Card Games. 

This article was contributed by guest writer Samantha. Find her on Twitch and Instagram.

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