Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Trailer Pushes All Our Buttons

It’s 2am on a Friday.

Sleepily scrolling through YouTube looking for something to watch just before I head to bed, something catches my eye. A movie trailer. Usually I skip these because they reveal far too much about a movie for me to enjoy it, but this is a different story.

That trailer was for the new Mortal Kombat movie, arriving in cinemas April 16th. At that moment, I sat there and thought, “Maybe 2021 won’t be so bad after all”.

If you haven’t done so, I implore you to stop reading here and watch it right now. However, this trailer (and this movie) is not suitable for audiences below the age of 18.

As a fan of the franchise, and growing up a bit after MK hit its first peak in popularity, seeing these characters brought to life on the big screen again after nearly 30 years almost brings a tear to my eye.

With Netherrealm Studios bringing Mortal Kombat to a second age of glory, it only seemed fitting that we get another movie updated with the current times, gore, blood and violence completely intact.

First time director Simon McQuoid takes the helm, and the trailer shows plenty to get fans of MK and action movies alike more than interested. We see staple characters from the series make an appearance, like Sub-Zero, Scorpion (yelling his signature catchphrase “Get over here!”), Jax, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang and plenty more, letting us know that it intends to stick as close and as faithfully to the franchise as possible.

While the story does seem to deviate from the original material somewhat (like seeing Sub-Zero rip off Jax’s arms when we all know it was Ermac), it seems to more or less follow the plot of the original trilogy.

While video game movies have historically been flops, I eagerly await the moment I’ll be able to catch this movie, because I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a long, long time.

Mortal Kombat drops in Malaysian theatres on April 8th, assuming of course, theatres do reopen in our current climate.

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