Top 5 Malaysian Games You Should Play In 2020

The last few years have proved Malaysia’s might as a video game powerhouse. With releases across multiple platforms and consoles – some reaching international renown – there’s no doubt that our local scene has something special to offer.

To celebrate Merdeka Day this year, we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting Malaysian games that you can play now, or look forward to play in the near future!

If you’re a “see first, play later” kind of person, tune in for our livestream on 31st August at 7pm – 10pm to watch us play Bake ‘n Switch and No Straight Roads LIVE! For more updates, follow @themagicrainmy on Facebook.

1. Bake ‘n Switch

Violence and baking has never been this cute! Developed by Streamline Games, Bake ‘n Switch is a couch co-op game where 2-4 players work together to catch, merge, bake, and sacrifice the biggest Buns to save the world. The game also comes with a PvP party brawler mode for those who like a bit of competition.

2. Gigabash

Inspired by the classic monster films, Gigabash puts you in the shoes of both hero and monster as you battle it out in cities and exotic locations around the world. Destroy cities and your enemies in this chaotic 4-player brawler, coming soon.

3. No Straight Roads

Are you ready to rock?! Follow the members of Bunk Bed Junction, Mayday and Zuke, as they battle against the EDM Empire with the power of rock. This action-adventure game puts the focus on music, featuring different genres in every level. You may even spot a few Malaysian references in the game!

4. Ageless

One More Dream Studios makes their debut with Ageless, a puzzle-platformer game with a unique mechanic: manipulating time. Its story follows Kiara as she navigates through magical environments with the help of a mystical bow with the power to alter age itself.

5. Fires At Midnight

In a world where being in love can be the difference between life and death, a couple struggles to stay together. Fires At Midnight is a cinematic visual novel that tells the story from both sides of the relationship, letting the player determine their fate.

Which of these games are on your list? Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, you can check out our Merdeka Day livestream on 31st August, 7pm – 10pm where we’ll be playing Bake ‘n Switch and No Straight Roads LIVE. See you there!
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