League Of Legends: Yone, The Unforgotten

Yasuo’s brother is finally hitting the Rift in patch 10.16 and boy oh boy, we can’t wait to ban him. We don’t care if you can only ban one champion–we need to ban both Yasuo AND Yone.

In the game’s lore, Yone is Yasuo’s older half-brother. While Yasuo is brash and arrogant, Yone is calm and collected. While both were trained by the swordsman Elder Souma, Yasuo was the only one who inherited his wind technique.

During the Noxian invasion of Ionia, Elder Souma was found dead and Yasuo was wrongfully accused of his murder. As Yone truly believed he was to be blamed for all of Yasuo’s misdeeds, he took it upon himself to hunt down Yasuo, leading to a deadly confrontation between the two brothers that ended in Yone’s death.

Killed by his own brother, Yone entered the spirit realm full of negative emotions and regret. This attracted an Azakana, a minor demon that fed on his negative emotions. Yone defeated the Azakana in the spirit realm, and found himself transported back to the mortal plane with the Azakana’s mask permanently affixed to his face. Having been given a second chance at life, Yone takes it upon himself to hunt down the demons that haunt Ionia.


Passive – Way of the Hunter
Yone uses two blades, with every second attack to deal more magic damage. His critical strike chance is also doubled, but his critical strikes deal reduced damage.

Q – Mortal Steel
Yone thrusts forward, dealing physical damage to opponents. Upon hitting them, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that launches his enemies into the air.

W – Spirit Cleave
Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone also gains a temporary shield. The shield’s power increases per champion struck.

E – Soul Unbound
Yone can enter his Spirit Form, gaining movement speed and leaving his body behind. When Yone’s Spirit Form expires, he’ll snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt while in Spirit Form.

R – Fate Sealed
Yone strikes all enemies in his path, blinking behind the last enemy hit and knocking everyone airborne towards him.

Spirit Blossom Yone

Our Thoughts

The most interesting ability in his kit has to be Soul Unbound. It allows Yone to outplay his enemy by moving in with his spirit form and snapping back to his body once it expires. He can engage, deal with his full combo, and snap back out.

This is even more devastating if his brother is on his team. Yone’s kit is designed to compliment Yasuo’s and we will definitely see them together in the bot lane one day. Using his ult or his Q, Yone will pull enemies in and knock them up. This sets up an attack from Yasuo perfectly, and together they will be able to wreak havoc in team fights.

Another assassin is here to make my life as an ADC difficult. Yone doesn’t feel like a one-directional assassin, but rather he feels like an assassin bruiser where he not only deals a lot of damage but is also difficult to kill due to the number of utilities he provides. I suspect he is going to be a highly sought-after champion just like Yasuo.

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