Nearing The Launch: What’s New About Pokémon Sword and Shield

After months of waiting, it’s hard to believe Pokémon Sword and Shield is finally launching tomorrow! Whether you’re a Grookey lover, Sobble supporter, or Scorbunny fan, here’s some of the key features of the game to get you up to speed before it launches!

Or watch the latest announcement here:

1. Change Pokémon’s nature with mints

Mints are items that allow players to change the effects of a Pokémon’s nature. The nature of a Pokémon plays an important role as it allows their stats to grow faster or slower.

Screenshot from the official announcement trailer

2. Max out Pokémon’s stats with supplements

With supplements, you get to max out a Pokémon’s base Stats. What’s good is that there is no limitation on how many supplements you can use on a Pokémon, and they sure make it easy for you. The trailer shows 26 bottles of calcium being used on a Gengar

Screenshot from the official announcement trailer

3. Transfer Egg Moves at the Day Care

Now, the same Pokémon can pass egg moves to one another at the Day Care. Egg Moves are special moves that allow Pokémon to inherit through breeding. Which means Pokémon are not able to learn these moves by leveling or through TMs (Technical Machine).

4. Pokémon Boxes Almost Anywhere!

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, you no longer have to find the nearest Pokémon  Centre to use Pokémon Box. Therefore, you get to swap your team even if you are in the wild area, tournaments and maybe even during the Elite Four!

5. Gain easy experience with Exp Candy

Exp Candy is a hassle-free way to give your Pokémon Exp without grinding through battles. You can get your Exp Candy from Max Raid Battles. What’s more is that one Exp Candy grants a Pokémon 30,000 Exp.

These features certainly make things more exciting! If you’re still considering whether to get the game, come over to The LINC KL this 16th November 2019 for our community event celebrating the launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Organised by THE MAGIC RAIN and Team Pika, we will have free play consoles to try the new game, Pokémon-related contests, merchandise, and more! Visit our Official Event Page to learn more.

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