Make Way for AMG-Chan’s Circus!

Source: AniManGaki Official Facebook Page

As they say, third’s time the charm! The AniManGaki crew is back with another fun-filled weekend for ACG fans and aficionados out there. This time with a circus themed event hellbent on uniting all ACG enthusiasts!

Happening at the Quill Convention Centre, Quill City Mall on the 11th to 12th May this weekend, be prepared to be enticed by their many stage activities and rows of Artist and Exhibitor Booths for your leisure browsing! We, THE MAGIC RAIN will also be there! So, do drop us a visit and join in our social experiment!

On-Stage Highlights

Gijinka Cosplay Competition

What is Gijinka? Gijinka, in short, is a fan re-design of a subject matter in human form, be it humanisation or personification. AMG-Chan made participants dig deep into their Chinese knowledge to re-innovate the Chinese Zodiac animals. We wonder what will the participants have in store for us?

J-Dance Cover Competition

Dancing is an extraordinary thing. It can be used to express oneself, a valuable talent and it can also serve as a good workout! So, this time AMG-Chan is giving the chance to all ACG dancers out there to light up the stage. The winner will dance their way to the main stage of AniManGaki 2019!

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4) Prelims

Want to know which Cosplay Group will qualify to be in Malaysia’s representative team to the Netherlands? This is something you should take note of! The winning team will be brought to the international stage where they battle it out to get the main prize, an all-expense paid trip to Japan! So feast your eyes as participants perform their best on stage and bring their characters to life!

Off-Stage Highlights


A circus is not complete without a fun fair! Take your time at these omatsuri game booths and stand a chance to win some prizes. Games like archery, shooting cans and ball toss will be there for your enjoyment.

Video Game Arena

In collaboration with Infinite Carnage Malaysia and Malaysian Touhou Brigade, AMG-Chan attendees can enjoy the variety of games they have to offer. You can either compete live in their featured tournaments or play casually to pass time with your friends. If it is your first time trying out these games, don’t worry! Tutorials are available upon request.

Guests and Stage Performances!

The circus doesn’t stop there however; fans and interested attendees can expect to see a fantastic lineup of guest appearances and a great showcase of performances!

Joining us this weekend would be the cosplay couple Weon Haur & Fujiwara Kazuko, the winners of AMG-chan Cosplay Competition 2018, Momo Rex & Fyra Zaidi, the founder of specialized cosplay shop Costurera Haberdashery, Venus Lim and last but not least a well-known Fate Series artist, Okita Kung! 

Alongside them would be the variety of performers ranging from acoustics rendition of our beloved J-ani songs by The Crestfall Shuffle to idol performances by 02 PRO and so much more! All for our entertainment!

With as low as RM10 you can enjoy a whole day of what AMG-Chan can offer. It’s definitely a deal worth paying for! So head on over to Quill City Mall this 11th and 12th May and be a part of the circus!

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