Persona 5 The Animation: Stars and Ours Release Date

During the airing of Persona 5 The Animation: Dark Sun special in Japan, an announcement was made for the release of their second special episode. The next special is titled “Stars and Ours” and willmost likely complete the story from where the last special left off. It will air on March 2019 with no specific day announced yet.

The synopsis provided by their official website news mentions that the Phantom Thieves have successfully managed to steal the heart of the real mastermind, the politician Shidou Masayoshi. However, the society’s response to it did not go as they presumed.

In order to both reform the distortion of the world and to preserve the justice they believed in all this while, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts has to proceed to what may be their final battle.

Here is the trailer under the account of Kozoukom (the official trailer is under a region lock):

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