Reasons Why You Should Follow the Awesome Sally Amaki

Image sourced from Sally Amaki’s Showroom

If you are not following Sally Amaki or worse… you don’t know who Sally Amaki is, then it’s time to get on with the times!!

Sally Amaki, a Japanese idol that became famous less than a year ago when a tweet made by Shinsei (@nise_shi) featuring Sally Amaki speaking fluent English blew up on Twitter. On a normal day, a Japanese speaking fluent English would be nothing worth going viral, but in Sally’s case, she is actually an idol for a newly found idol group, 22/7 (Nanabun no Nijuni).

This is the first time we’ve seen a Japanese idol being able to speak fluent English, and the reason she is able to do so is because she was actually born and (possibly) raised in Los Angeles for most of her life.

Now, why is she awesome? It’s all about the memes, man! She’s such a meme lord, or should I say a meme queen, that sometimes you just forget she is an actual Japanese idol. That’s all there is to it. Follow her for the lulz and memes.

Nah… I kid.

Here are several other reasons why you would want to follow her:

1. She is just the epitome of #relatable.

Her tweets are often very relatable. She is often seen fan-girling, forgetting stuff, and struggling with responsibilities.


2. Getting to know the ‘idol life’

Of course, one of the other highlights in following Sally Amaki would be to finally get a chance to follow a Japanese idol without having to learn Japanese or to depend on google/ fan translations. That, in itself feels somewhat surreal and amazing.


3. For the lulz

As I mentioned earlier, it’s all for the lulz and memes. She is very aware of the meme culture and oftentimes plays along with it. She definitely breaks the stereotype of idols being super ‘kawaii’ and perfect in almost all aspects in life.


4. For ridiculous puns and gaming content!

Puns are just second nature to Sally Amaki just like all meme lords, so that’s another reason to follow her if that’s something you like. If you like virtual Youtubers like A.I. chan, you might like her gaming content too where she plays some games as Fujima Sakura.

Hopefully you’ll find as much joy as me by following this meme queen on social media. She’s just a delight to follow in general, much like a down to earth and funny Youtuber or celebrity. Find her on Twitter, Instagram, or her recently made Youtube channel featuring the idol character she voices, Fujima Sakura!

That’s it from me today ~ Peace out!
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