Unique Anime Adaptations To Look Forward To In Spring 2017

Are you sick of seeing ecchi and harem anime everywhere all the time? A little bored of fantasy anime fueled by 5 cute girls and fanservice? Well you’re in luck, because spring is just around the corner and a load of anime adaptations are going to be released! We’re giving you anime with overlooked genres to look forward to in Spring 2017.

1. Sakurada Reset

Genres: Mystery, Super Power, Supernatural, School

From the humble beginnings of the light novel saga, Sakurada Reset already has a manga adaption and you guessed it, an anime adaption that will be released in Spring 2017, or more specifically, April 5!

Don’t let the adorable illustration above fool you, this anime is focused on two teenagers who carry out missions from a group called the Kanrikyoku, a group that monitors the powers of those who possess it in Sakurada, a small town near the Pacific Ocean. They have an interesting set of powers but I’ll leave that for you to find out!


2. Kabukibu!

Genres: School, Comedy, Seinen

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word, “Kabuki”? Boring? Intriguing? To those who are clueless on what it is, it’s basically a Japanese theatrical performance that tells the history of the Japanese, often in an entertaining way, to those who can appreciate it, at least. Of course, it’s no surprise that something so traditional can be incorporated in an anime.

What I like about this concept is that it takes on a realistic view. Instead of straight up turning this into a Kabuki-inspired colourful fantasy anime, the author of the light novel made this about a 15-year-old who wants to start a Kabuki club in his high school. Not a unique concept, but definitely a different take on what the concept is used for.


3. Alice to Zouroku

Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Seinen

Cute art style, an adventure anime with a loli and an old wart, this is bound to be an anime that could kill you with its adorableness. Don’t jump into conclusions yet though! This deceivingly cute anime is about a girl named Alice who has the ability to materialize anything she imagines.

Here’s the twist: she escaped from a lab who was using her as a test subject. Wasn’t expecting that, huh? Well, it is anime after all, anything can happen. Wondering how she met that grumpy looking old man? The anime will be released somewhere around April so you’ll just have to look out for it and find out for yourself!


4. Fukumenkei Noise

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

I can’t remember the last time I saw a release of an anime adaption of a shoujo manga, and as a former huge shoujo fan, this news thrilled me. Shoujo has always been one of those genres that stood right in front of the stage when it came to manga, but for anime, it’s never been that big a deal other than a few exceptions.

This is one I’m personally looking forward to because of the musical feel of it. Not to mention, the manga has pretty good ratings. It’s not much different from other shoujo manga but it wouldn’t be very shoujo if it was, wouldn’t it?


5. Warau Salesman New

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Seinen

From the co-creator of Doraemon, you have this, grinning and creepy looking salesman. Before I move further, allow me to point out that I’ve realised anime like Doraemon have often been dismissed as childhood cartoons. It has made me think that most anime fanatics seriously overlook these anime that can be potentially good and mind blowing – dark, even!

The plot revolves around Fukuzo Moguro who appears before people in distress with intentions of aiding them, for free! What makes this so special? Those who disregard his advice have to pay… with their lives!


Honourable Mention: Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Alright, I know this seems like one of those generic anime I’ve mentioned before, but consider this, have you seen a furry anime protagonist that looked this good and doesn’t seem to be hooking up with every girl he meets? Well, I haven’t, and I believe that this anime has some pretty good story behind it.

The plot follows this furry lil’ mercenary through his goal to become a human. Eventually meeting a witch, a proposal was made where if he escorts her in retrieving her magical tome, she would turn him human.

Of course, these aren’t the only anime coming out in Spring but be sure to look out for them if you want something different from the usual highlights!

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