Meet The Team

CM Char

Master Ideas Alchemist

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Nathalie Tay

Chief Content Tactician

Editor-in-chief and Twitch streamer. She loves video games as a storytelling medium (yes, even Fortnite) and will do anything for a good cup of milk tea.


Chief Design Summoner

Graphic designer with an occasional hand in writing, social media marketing, and cosplay. Has a growing obsession with propmaking.

Vanessa Goh

Lead Content Tactician

Her holy trinity consists of K-pop, good food, and *cough* the BL genre. You can typically find her burrito-ing in her natural habitat.

Amos Teng

Chief Digital Assassin

50% geek, 50% salt, and 100% mad scientist! A lover of animation, technology, and games of all varieties. Occasionally found in a wig.



Lead Design Summoner

Very cool

Aliff Marzuki

Lead Mage on Demand

An enthusiastic person by nature, he loves everything video game, anime, movie, football, and trading card game related. Resident mage on demand.

Alfred Loo

Lead Mage on Demand

A wormhole of useless knowledge. Will devour all information known to man if possible but remains a mystery to most people. Also he has the memory of a goldfish. 

Kayri Lee

Content Tactician

Part-time cosplayer, full-time writer. Currently studying in San Diego and no, she hasn’t gone to Comic Con… yet.

Matrix Yeoh

Lead Digital Assassin

Just a dude who holds a camera. His quote is “it’s all about Da Respect yooo” in a deep voice.

Pui Ting

Cosplay Priestess

I do many things, play many roles, 

Studying, cosplaying and playing trombone. 

Like the moon, I may have many phases, 

But like myself, I’ve never faked any faces. ☾ 

Dionne Lee

Content Tactician

2D idol freak whose money is sucked out by Genshin and the IDOLiSH7 series. This potato is also addicted to *cough* BL *cough*.


Mage on Demand

Been living on the edgy side since 1998

Damon Tham

Content Tactician

Won’t stop talking about League of Legends. Likes fast cars and good food. Claims to have read every book in Skyrim (yes, even *that* one)


Content Tactician

The happiest penguin on the island, except that she’s always running through snowstorms.



Content Tactician

Heya! I’m Ruri, a girl with big dreams who’s also passionate in art, streaming and content creation. I hope that I can bring smiles to people faces, stay cool!


Content Tactician

A medical student on the edge of insanity that copes by buying anime figurines and building Gundam kits.